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 cropped-img_87521.jpgTHOMAS ADCOCK is the U. S. correspondent for the Berlin-based “CulturMag,” an international journal of art and commentary. You can read his latest here:

Year 2018

TRUMP-DRUNK: ‘End Times’ for ‘Pipsqueak Putin’ — Bigots, boobs & bible bullies, Aus! Weg mit Dir! 05/15/18


DEJA VU: Thugs, Lies & Fevered Fantasies  — ‘The corpse of McCarthy-Hooverism still stirs’ harder!’04/14/18

WOKE: The Never Again Generation— ‘We are not afraid…we will not be silenced…our voices are loud!’03/14/18

CHEESEBURGER NATION: Make America Grody Again‘Spank me, Stormy…harder, harder!’02/15/18

Year 2017

SHUNNED: Trump’s Looming Irrelevance‘Nobody likes you!’…Scram!’12/16/17

Of Guns and Sex Assaults in America: HIGH TIDE OF HYPOCRISY — ‘Prayer works!’…‘Fake news!’11/15/17

Donald  & Darla: CRUELTY IN THE AGE OF TRUMP — ‘Risen on the wings of derision’ 10/19/17

America to Dumb Blond: ‘GO TO HELL’ — Dwindling fan base ‘drawn like flies to sewage’ 09/19/17

SHOOT!Guns, Guns Everywhere — …but not a bedpan or straightjacket to spare 08/15/17

DON’T ASK! The War on American Media — Reporters risk beatings by Trump’s violent minions06/14/17

 ‘FREMDSCHÄMEN’: Regarding the Crumbling Trump Regime —Dreams of a Righteous Coup d’état 05/14/17 

BANANA REPUBLIC: Manly Trump Plays with Missiles—‘Wonder Boy’ plays with everything else 04/15/17 

TRUMP’S ‘FOURTH REICH’: Echos of Hitler & Stalin—‘Lugenpresse!’ … ‘Vrag Naroda!’ in the ridicule’ 03/15/17

COMEDY AS A WEAPON: How to Dump Trump—‘Participate in the ridicule’ 02/15/17

NEW YEAR’S REVOLUTION: Women to Twitter Pig: ‘Pussy Grabs Back’—Phase One of mass protest against ‘Rump’ 01/14/17

Year 2016

TRIUMPH of THE ‘TRUMPANZEES’: Vulgarian Victory Launches Post-Truth Era—Dim bulb voters:‘What, me stupid?’ 12/15/16

DARK DAYS IN THE U.S.A.: ‘White America Has Lost Its Mind’—The Resistible Rise of Donald Trump 11/17/16


NOVEMBER SURPRISE: Justice Delayed, but Not Denied—Make the Graybar Hotel great again 10/03/16

GOEBBELS ENVY: Donald Does the ‘Long Con’—Set the dial for ‘alt-right’ TV 09/15/16

CONGRESS AT WORK: Keeping the U.S.A. Safe for Massacres—Potential Assassination Foretold? 08/01/16

FEAR & LOATHING IN OHIO: Donald Trump’s Fascist Bacchanal—True Believers: Death to Hillary Clinton! 07/30/16

WHY IS THIS MAN LAUGHING? ‘Are Americans, Like, Stupid?’ The genius & menace of ‘Glorious Leader’  06/15/16

TOILET PANIC! Right-Wingers in Sexual Panic – Ted Cruz thrills the hateful faithful 05/17/16

HOW AMERICA GOT PUNK’D: Bang! Bang! You’re Dead in Cleveland 04/15/16

BIGOTS, BIBLES & BOMBS: America’s Dangerous Political Season— The beast is loose 03/15/16

THE ORTHODOXY OF UNREALITY: America Through the Looking Glass— ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ facts’ 02/15/16

‘ONWARD CHRISTIAN (SUCKERS), MARCHING AS TO WAR—Muslim-hating madness & daily massacres in Jesusland 01/20/16

 Year 2015 


Year 2014


Year 2013


  •  “Execution, American-Style: How the Government Commits Pre-Meditated Homicide

PART 1 (04.06.13)

PART 2 (04.20.13)



  • “American Blood Money, Inc.”

PART 1 (02.09.13):

PART 2 (02.16.13):


  • “America in 2013: Toward a ‘More Perfect’ Union?”

PART 1 (01.21.13):

 PART 2 (01.23.13):


Year 2012


SPECIAL: Campaign Diary 2012

#1 – “The New Sarah Palin” 09.18.12

#2 – “G.O.P., R.I.P.” 09.25.12

#3 – “War, Inc.” 10.02.12

#4 – “James Crow Jr., Esq.” 10.09.12

#5 – “Jesus Christ for President” 10.16.12

#6 – “Stop! … Thief!” 10.23.12

#7 – “Runnin’ Scared” 10.30.12

#8 – “Unfinished Business” 11.06.12

#9 – “Aftermath” 11.13.12

#10 – “The South Shall Rise Again!” 11.20.12